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Virginia Subrogation Lawyers

Virginia Subrogation Lawyers

For insurers, subrogation claims are critical for recovering costs and maintaining profitability.  Yet subrogation issues can readily become extremely complex.  In this niche field of law, experienced legal guidance is critical for success.  McKenry Dancigers Dawson provides comprehensive subrogation services across Virginia.

Experienced Subrogation Legal Counsel For Insurers

At McKenry Dancigers Dawson, our subrogation attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complexities of these claims. We assist insurers in identifying and pursuing potential collateral sources for recovery. Our lawyers have obtained favorable verdicts in large subrogation actions, and we have represented both local and national insurance companies.

Our firm is well-equipped to handle claims stemming from catastrophic losses.

Collectively, our firm has handled tens of thousands of subrogation claims for insurers nationwide. This wealth of experience translates to effective and efficient strategies for success.

We provide knowledgeable legal guidance on subrogation issues relating to:

  • Property damage recovery, including fire losses, water damage from flooding and water intrusion, product liability and other cases involving significant losses
  • Auto damage recovery stemming from car accidents, truck accidents and motor vehicle accidents
  • Workers’ compensation recovery for medical coverage, lost wages and other losses associated with injured workers
  • Maritime and admiralty losses, including cargo, vessels, marinas, and maritime-related personal injury cases, including Jones Act and LHWCA claims

We work diligently on behalf of our insurance clients to litigate against negligent third parties. Our legal team includes skilled litigators with extensive experience in state and federal courts. We are strong advocates dedicated to maintaining high levels of organization and meticulous attention to detail — crucial skills that come into play when evaluating plan language and wading through voluminous documentary evidence.

Clients appreciate not only the exceptional quality of our legal services, but also our timeliness, prompt communication and thorough preparation. Our experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of civil areas gives us a valuable, well-rounded perspective.

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For more information about our subrogation practice, please contact us at 757-461-2500. The initial consultation is free of charge, and we handle most subrogation cases on a contingency fee basis.  We handle subrogation matters throughout Virginia.